What our clients say…


“A spinal fusion and fear of another one was the catalyst for seeking help and salvation from Andy Curry at Miracle Massage. The word “miracle” is truly accurate for what Andy has done for me. Further surgery is no longer on the horizon nor is pain a daily visitor thanks to Andy’s healing hands. He has taken my broken body and defeated mind and replaced them with better, stronger and happier versions. Four years ago, I would never have believed that I would replace pain with Pilates and misery with massage!”

Lou C.


“Andrew has been working with me on and off for nearly a decade, in the form of massage and Pilates. He never fails in repairing or regenerating my body to compete at the highest level in the decathlon. Miracle Massage provides many services with a consistent emphasis on improvement and wellbeing. In the form of Pilates, Andrew provides a consistent progression for your needs and limitations, allowing you to feel comfortable while feeling a sense of accomplishment each class. Andrew is a guru in his field and I consistently travel from Sydney throughout the year to work with him.”

Kyle C., Australian Decathlete


“AC, with his excellent one on one care with massage and Pilates has been instrumental in my recovery with breast cancer that endured a double mastectomy with reconstruction. His knowledge of lymphedema and fascial release has markedly reduced my recovery time and complications of lymphedema and surgery to minimal care. I would highly recommend his service.”

Jo G.


“After a work-related back injury, the constant pain had restricted my life in so many areas. A spinal specialist had told me there was nothing that could be done, and I felt hopeless. When I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, I knew I had to do something. I’d started having panic attacks and I felt overwhelmed. By the end of my first session with Andy, I could breathe again and the panic attacks stopped. After the second session, the pain that I’d carried for eight years lifted for the first time. I’ve transitioned into Pilates with Jane and Ian 3-4 times a week. My pain is almost gone, and I feel happy again, but the most important thing they’ve given me is hope. In that first session, Andy told me I could be pain-free. I almost didn’t dare to believe him, but after two sessions I knew it might actually be possible.”

Skye G.


“I had suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarium (HG; severe morning sickness) throughout my first two pregnancies. With my third child, I was in hospital five times before sixteen weeks. I started seeing Andrew twice a week for the remainder of my pregnancy and six weeks post delivery. Through massage, systemic dry needling and lymphatic drainage, Andrew was able to manage the HG and keep me out of hospital. Treatment minimised my fluid build up and accelerated my recovery time. My only regret was not starting treatment with Andrew earlier.”



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